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Virtual Camp

Fun is accessible to all at Easterseals Virtual Camp! Each day, learn fun, new camp songs, try a do-it-yourself project, and play games - all at your own pace. You won't want to miss the opportunity to explore and meet new friends right at home!



What Is Virtual Camp?

Virtual Camp is way for campers to keep the camp spirit all year long.

Here's a typical, fun-filled day:

Your morning start: Watch a camp announcement video, raise the flag, warm up, with some stretches, learn camp songs, and enjoy a joke of the day!

Your fun-packed day: Participate in a variety of activities throughout the day:

  • Move and explore with a game or two and mindfulness videos (be sure to invite friends and family to join you!)
  • Keep your brain in top shape with crafts, projects and activities
  • Everything can be done at your own pace with videos and instructions to guide you.
  • Don't forget to take a picture and post it on the BAND web site (see FAQs)!

Your evening wrap-up: Join us each evening at our Zoom Campfire events to connect with friends, share our activities, sing camp songs, and have some fun!

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Which Activities Are Available?

Each day we will post the activities of the day. Pick an activity from Arts and Crafts, Words & Music, or Discovery. Do the activity at your own pace. There are instructions and a short video for most activities. When you're done, please post a picture on BAND, so all your friends can see.

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Join the Fun!

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - Stay Connected with Easterseals Virtual Camp

How To Participate

  • 1

    Watch this space: A supply list will be provided closer to the starting date of camp.

  • 2

    Choose your activities and get busy. Take a picture and share on BAND

  • 3

    Meet up on our daily Zoom Call 5:00 PM Central Time to meet up with other campers

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Camp Fire Stories

Easterseals Camps Rock!

Easterseals has been providing awesome camp experiences for over 70 years. Camps are largely funded through donations. Camp Directors from all over the US and Canada have contributed their time, talent and treasure to this camp. Nebraska, Iowa, New Jersey, North Carolina, Houston, Washington State, and Canada have made Virtual Camp possible. To find a camp near you, or if you would like to donate so we can expand our reach, please contact us below or hit the donate button to make your own contribution today!