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Easter Seals provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.

Tell Congress: No cuts for programs that help people with disabilities!


Deep cuts to almost all federal programs serving people with disabilities will take place on January 2 – and special education programs are facing nearly $1 billion in cuts alone.

With state and local governments already cutting back on critical services, there's no telling how many more young children will go undiagnosed and untreated for their disability, how many adults with disabilities will struggle to find employment, or how many families will miss out on services that could have changed their lives.

Tell your representatives that we must protect funding for programs that help people with disabilities thrive.


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Protect critical funding for people with disabilities

Dear Decision-maker,

As an Easter Seals supporter, I want to make sure you know how important federal programs like early intervention, special education, vocational rehabilitation, housing, transportation and more are to millions of Americans living with disabilities and their families. These programs don't just provide services to people with disabilities -- they provide a lifeline for millions of families. Please make sure that funding is protected and programs remain strong in the coming deficit reduction debate.

We respect efforts to balance the budget and make fiscally sound decisions, but there is real danger if we don't do it in a thoughtful and balanced way. Across the board cuts and other arbitrary caps on spending fail to distinguish between programs that are cost effective and result in long term human and financial savings and those that don't.

For instance, research confirms that when young children get appropriate early education services, they need less special education services later in life. Moreover, too many programs that serve children and adults with disabilities are already struggling to meet the needs of the millions of people who need help, and if these cuts are made, even more people will fall through the cracks.

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