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Easter Seals provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.

Help Kids With Disabilities Realize Their Full Potential

Every year, millions of young children enter school with learning and health issues that put them far behind their peers. Many will never catch up.

But when kids with disabilities or at risk of developmental delays get the right treatment and therapy before the age of five, they start school ready and able to learn alongside their peers.

If you believe all kids deserve a chance to learn alongside their peers, build lifelong skills, and achieve their dreams, sign the proclamation of support today – ensure every child has the ability to soar!


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Ensure every child has the ability to soar

Dear Representative

Every year we as a nation fail to identify 1.45 million children, all under the age of five, who have a disability or are at risk for developmental delay. This puts these deserving kids far behind their peers - even before they start school. Many will never catch up.

The answer: Programs that diagnose and treat these children as early as possible. However, these early intervention programs are chronically underfunded and with the languishing economy are in further jeopardy of being cut.

That's why I am asking you to increase by $100 million the Part C early intervention program of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in the 2012 budget.

We know that investing $1 in early diagnosis and treatment now will save $7 in future care costs.

We can help all children, no matter their background or special needs, get a strong start in life and realize their dreams. There is no better investment than in the future of our children. Support them when they need it - now - and see how far they go.

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