Wheels for Easterseals 2022

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Team up for Easterseals(EBF) and Aviva Children's Services!
Children with girl in wheelchair

Join a team or create a team of your own. You’ll share the experience of making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities, and children in foster care.

Be a part of El Tour de Tucson while making an impact for EBF and Aviva.

Register to ride as an individual or join one of our many teams. We invite riders of all levels to join our team.

Inspire your team to aim high!

To join an existing team, click the team name below.

Remember, every dollar you and your team raises will help to provide services and support to families living with disabilities right here in Southern Arizona. If you direct your dollars to Aviva Children's Services, you will be supporting over 3000 children in foster care.

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Team Captain: Gary Heinfeld
Members: 6
Amount Raised: $22,575.00
Registration Is Closed
Team Captain: Bradley Owen
Members: 4
Amount Raised: $0.00
Registration Is Closed