Walk With Me Triangle 2019

Why Are We Walking?
Easterseals Walk With Me is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities in our community.
By walking—or supporting a walker in their fund-raising efforts—funds are raised that allow Easterseals to provide services that help people learn to walk, talk and perform other skills essential to daily living; find fulfilling jobs; reach individualized goals early in life; age with dignity; and participate in camping and recreation programs.

Why We Need Your Support 
We're committed to making a difference. Every dollar we raise benefits Easterseals clients. Please give what you can!

The Wake Forest Road Walkers Roster

The Wake Forest Road Walkers Raised
Casey Corder $0.00
Austin Borrego $0.00
Oscar Borrego $25.00
Jaclyn Boyes $0.00
Marcie Boyes $0.00
Marcie Boyes $0.00
Nason Boyes $0.00
Julie Bruce $20.00
Naomi Byers $0.00
nechelle byers $0.00
Kristen Cuthbertson $0.00
Phyllis W Elliott $25.00
Elizabeth Gaylord $25.00
Mark Germann $0.00
Charlotte Holt $25.00
Kathryn Jones $25.00
Missy Ketterman $0.00
Edith Korb $25.00
amelia lower $50.00
Meghan McDowell $0.00
Troy McLean $25.00
Emma Meredith $25.00
Lisa Miller $100.00
Vanessa Phillips $0.00
Rolando Rodriguez $125.00
Charlie Watkins Watkins $0.00
Laresa Watkins $70.00
Maddie Watkins Watkins $0.00
Megan Wingate $120.00
Ashlee Woodlief $0.00
Team Gifts $276.00
Denotes a Team Captain