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Why am I walking?

As many of you know, Kyler was born premature at 26 weeks due to a placental abruption. As a result of being born that early and experiencing an extremely rare labor complication, Kyler had the worst case of brain bleeds possible (Bilateral Grade 4 IVH's). Kyler was diagnosed in May of 2021 with Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. I will never forget sitting in Kyler's NICU room, only a mere 7 days after he was born, and being told by his Neurologist that Kyler would never have a quality of life that was compatible with a 'normal' childhood/adulthood. The Neurologist then went on to tell Josh and I that he would recommend starting end of life care for Kyler since it would not be a fair life for Kyler to live. Boy, was he wrong! Kyler is now almost 4 years old and THRIVING in everyday activities, social skills, communication, mobility, and he is only getting better as the days go on. I truly believe starting school at Easterseals back in August was Kyler's key to success. 

Easterseals provides life-changing services that help people of all ages live better lives. For example, they have helped Kyler be able to walk, communicate clearly, and become independent in many aspects. These are things that we wished for Kyler since the day he was born and Easterseals has been extremely instrumental in achieving these goals. They also provide job training for adults, and support for families taking care of loved ones with disabilities. And, they assist older adults in learning skills to help them live as independently as possible as they grow older.

But the demand for their services is increasing, as more children and adults and their families need Easterseals help every day.

Why I need your support

I'm committed to making a positive difference and I know how important Easterseals is to our entire community. But I can't do it alone. 

Please make a donation and help me reach my fundraising goal! 

It's a step we can take together to provide much needed support to children and adults living with disabilities.

I trust Easterseals as a fiscally-responsible organization because every dollar we raise benefits local Easterseals clients right here in the community.

My Progress

Shelby Criss
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  1. Rachel Wenrich - $50.00
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  3. Shelby Criss - $50.00

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  8. Team Kande - $500.00
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  5. Susan Meyers - $150.00
  6. Chris Gebrosky - $125.00
  7. Angela Wirick - $100.00
  8. Alaina Turocy - $100.00
  9. Kyler Seitz - $75.00
  10. Bethany Tonarelli - $75.00

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