Walk With Me Southwest Human Development 2019

Why Are We Walking?
Southwest Human Development's annual Walk With Me fundraising event for its Easterseals disabilities services is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to make a difference in the lives of young children with disabilities in our community.
By walking—or supporting a walker in their fundraising efforts—funds are raised that allow Southwest Human Development to provide its Easterseals disabilities services that help young children lead successful lives.

Why We Need Your Support 
We're committed to making a difference. Every dollar we raise benefits local children and their families. Please give what you can!

Freudian Slippers Roster

Freudian Slippers Raised
Hunaya Cramer $0.00
Ana Arbel $0.00
michael arbel $20.00
Peggy Baxter $20.00
Heather Bourgeois $0.00
Nidia Elm $40.00
Stephanie Hennick $0.00
Karlee Jensen $0.00
George Lin $10.00
Julie Lin $0.00
Maria Lopez $0.00
Maria Lopez $5.00
Maria Lopez $10.00
Jeanette Manley $75.00
Errika Martinez $0.00
Lisa Mickelson $0.00
Rachel Post $0.00
Tamara Powers $0.00
Gretchen Shallcross $0.00
Irene Shamell $0.00
Sarah Shein $0.00
Kyoko Tavassoli $0.00
Team Gifts $879.00
Denotes a Team Captain