Walk With Me Milwaukee 2019

My name is Chuck Aprahamian. I like learning and enjoy talking with people. I'm a hard worker and have a positive attitude. I'm completely blind and do my best to listen and ask questions when learning a new task. I like using the computer, singing, fitness and nutrition. I'm a good speaker, confident, organized, dedicated, and friendly.

There are some things that are challenging for me. Sometimes when I'm in large groups I may not know who is talking so it's helpful if they introduce themselves. Also, learning new routes can be difficult at first but with training from my Vision Forward, Orientation & Mobility Instructor, and practice, I can find my way independently.

I'm currently an intern in the Project SEARCH program at Froedtert Hospital. I learned about Easterseals from high school, transition resource fairs, and especially Project SEARCH.

Project SEARCH has helped me develop new job skills and strengthen other skills. I learned to be more independent, efficient, and to work hard to achieve high expectations. I worked in three job rotations and was responsible for my own job duties.  I worked with a job coach to learn my tasks and eventually I was able to work independently. I met many wonderful people, including the instructors, staff, job coaches, and other interns in the program.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be in Project SEARCH and to continue to learn and grow.

My current goal is to successfully complete the Project SEARCH program. My future goal is to get a part-time job in the community in a medical clinic or hospital setting.

I selected this name for the team so they keep advocating for people with disabilities, not giving up, and persevering.selected this name for the team so they keep advocating for people with disabilities, not giving up, and persevering.


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