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Friends, family, colleagues, on June 15, 2019, Team Foley will be participating in the "Walk With Me" event for Easterseals of Massachusetts. Easterseals is an amazing organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities live, learn, work and play.


I am extremely fortunate to know firsthand the impact that Easterseals can have on a person's life because they have impacted me in all four mission areas. They adapted a remote for my door opener and provided me with an environmental control unit(ECU) so I could control lights, fans and electronic devices in my home. .These have played a significant role in allowing me to live independently in my apartment. They also provided me with my HeadMouse and onscreen keyboard software that I used every day in college and I use the same technology now at  work. Finally, I had fun, memorable experiences attending Easterseals Summer Camp and it is where I first met some of my closest friends.


Of course, it’s not just about what Easterseals has done for me. To learn about how Easterseals' Assistive Technology Regional Center(ATRC) makes borrowing specialized pieces of assistive technology as easy as borrowing a book from the local library, please read Timothy's story below. In total, Easterseals of Massachusetts annually serves over 25,000 clients in over 300 Massachusetts communities and is the only statewide organization that services people of any age or background, and with any kind of disability. I understand that every dollar is hard earned, budgets are stretched thin and that people prioritize the causes they support for many different reasons. Any support would be greatly appreciated.and I can assure you from experience that any funds generated from it will be used to do life changing work.

Timothy's Story


In August of 2018, the Braille Notetaker which I use daily in my job as a call center trainer at a utility company was not working properly. I called a friend, and learned of the Assistive Technology Regional Center - Boston operated by Easterseals. I researched the program online, and contacted Catherine Bly to register. I explained my needs to Catherine, and we decided that borrowing the Braille Sense U2 would be a great solution as I began the arduous process of deciding which Notetaker to purchase.


I traveled to the Easterseals Boston office, and the administrative assistant efficiently located the Braille Sense for me. By using the Braille manuals and speaking with friends, I learned to utilize the Braille Sense, and was able to begin using it at work within a week of having the product. I am impressed by the plethora of tools within the Braille Sense, and quickly decided this product would be beneficial to own.


I am extremely grateful the Assistive Technology Regional Center-Boston program is available for residents of the commonwealth. Prior to learning of the program, I found it nearly impossible to test an assistive product before purchasing it. This program places people with visual impairments on an equal playing field with sighted family members and friends. Thanks to MassMATCH & Easterseals, a visually impaired person can test a Notetaker just as a sighted person can test a laptop in a store.

I hope the adaptive technology loan program continues to grow in popularity, and is utilized by anyone in need of an adaptive product. You can be assured I will describe the program to friends, and will return when I am considering future pieces of adaptive equipment.


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