This year's event is on August 22, 2020

2020 Easterseals/CAI VolleyBACK from COVID

Julia's Jammers

Hi Peeps! 

Know what I love about going to Easterseals? I get to hang out with the coolest people. Some of them are the people I work with. Some of them are the people I do fun thing with.  

This is me with Ryan, my friend from Easterseals.  

I am really bummed because Easterseals has to be closed because of the stupid coronavirus.  I hope we can go back soon and I want to raise money to make sure programs can reopen.

It's important to help people who need Easterseals. It's important to help Volleyball teams raise money for Easterseals. I can help you with that because you can donate to JULIA's JAMMERS!!!

You can join my team, too!



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Jules Hensley
Beth Altemus $50.00
Kelly Doty $25.00
Edward Griffith $150.00
Kevin Hensley $25.00
Ryan Hensley $25.00
Verna Hensley $25.00
Elizabeth Lockman $25.00
Kathy McGuiness $15.00
Team Gifts $366.00
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Me and my friend, Ryan
Me and my friend, Ryan

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