Vote on the 2014 Lily Seal of the Year!


Every year, our lily seals remind millions of people about the hope that Easter Seals' services bring to kids and adults living with disabilities. For decades, our supporters have shared lily seals with friends, family and neighbors, spreading our mission far and wide and allowing us to continue to provide life-changing services. Now you can be part of this important tradition.

Cast your vote for ONE of the lily seal finalists below by Thursday, October 31. After you vote, you can make a special donation to reserve a warm, cozy blanket featuring the 2014 Lily Seal of the Year.

You only have to get your vote in and tell your friends about the contest on Facebook and Twitter.

1.  Pick your favorite art

  • "Orange Burst"
    Maria Saracino
  • "Majesty"
    Jessica Gurnak
  • "Orange Lilies That Grow At My House"
    Jessica Riley
  • "Lily Bath 6"
    Catherine Bonyak
  • "Sunny Day"
    Sandra Westmoreland
  • "Blue Lily"
    Rhashid Wilborn

2.  Enter your information